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Circular Energy – a subsidiary of Circular Industries – has the mission to establish decentralised bio-technology and chemical manufacturing hubs applying novel technologies. Its unique fermentation and chemical process operations are reducing the dependance on petroleum based raw materials. The group is committed to low-carbon, economic and sustainable products.

Scheduled to commence operation by 2023, two state-of-the-art manufacturing centers will deliver solutions towards truly circular economies in the transportation, maritime, aviation and power industry. In the heart of the alpine nation Switzerland as well as the future oriented city-state Singapore a nature inspired novelty will deliver sustainable energy sources for road, maritime and air transportation as well as the energy grid.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Circular Energy’s Sustainable Aviation Fuel BioThrust™ reduces GHG emissions compared to fossil fuels. It offers a sustainable solution for reducing the direct carbon emissions in the aviation industry.

Biofuel for Road Transport

Circular Energy applies a novel process technology to produce carbon-neutral biofuels suitable for today’s road vehicles in a more efficient manner. Thereby Circular Energy will contribute to the decarbonization of the mobility sector.

Maritime Biofuel

Circular Energy’s carbon-neutral marine-fuel is readily usable with today’s infrastructure. Contact us today and benefit from climate-friendly fuel.

Renewable Power

Circular Energy’s special liquid biofuel grade represent an energy-dense source for renewable power that is readily storable and retrievable when needed. Our answer to decentralized peaker plants to cover critical energy shortages.

Bio-Tech Hubs
MTPY Sustainable Aviation Fuel
MTPY Bio Fuel
MTPY Green Hydrogen

Local Supply

Today, the production of aviation, road and maritime fuel takes place in large, concentrated manufacturing hubs. However, a recent survey conducted showed that the transportation industry would rather “always or generally” source materials locally.

Green Assets

Investments in green assets with a mission to promote a circular economy are clearly favoured by institutional but also private investors.


The waste raw materials used for the bio-technological conversion to value-added products provide an economic source, but more importantly are based on a sustainable manufacturing strategy to reduce greenhouse gases.

Smart Systems

Smart systems for waste raw material collection supported by a cloud based information platform deliver a user-friendly interface. Thinking out of the box will further enhance collection quantities and therefore reduce unwanted environmental impact.

committed to a circular economy

sustainability made affordable

While industry players typically focus their process on one specific raw material, Circular Energy deploys process technology and plant equipment which benefits from multi-purpose character. We plan ahead of rising raw material costs and design our manufacturing facility to deal with various feed-stocks and processes.

Used Cooking Oil is a raw material we are able to process to HEFA Sustainable Aviation Fuel matching the requirements of ASTM D7566 Annex 2. At the same time we envisage the use of Sugar or Cellulose raw materials. A novelty is our multi-purpose approach which also includes food waste or green waste, which is currently undergoing a fast track approval by ASTM.

We focus on economic and affordable solutions. At Circular Energy we believe in nature and the benefit of protecting our planet.

green hydrogen – vision without compromise

Circular Energy is committed to sustainability and exclusively relies on renewable raw materials throughout its processes. Fuels – as hydrocarbons – require substantial amounts of hydrogen. However, not all hydrogen is generated equal. Circular Energy will not compromise on sustainability when it comes to this crucial feedstock and exclusively use green hydrogen – a truly climate friendly version of hydrogen.

Circular Energy further deploys novel SAF technologies that require significantly lower amounts of hydrogen and in some instances even generate green hydrogen as by-product that can be recycled.

environmental excellence

Circular Industries is committed to ensure a safe and healthy work environment and will strive to control and minimize the impact on the environment resulting from the company’s activities. We comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations as well as best practices to protect the environment

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Consider the environmental impact of every action the company takes, including activities, products, services, as well as wastes from the company by implementing the 3R concepts (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle)

Smart Sourced Materials

Where possible, purchase and use materials that have minimal impact on the environment.

Educate Employees

Educate employees on how to report and handle any incidents or event that could possibly harm the environment.

Effective Emergency Response

Implement an effective emergency response plan to address any incidents involving pollution to the environment.

Minimize Use of Resources

Minimize energy and water use within the company’s operating areas by reducing the use of natural resources where possible.


Raise awareness among employees towards the environment and encourage them to act in a more responsible manner.

Environmental Care

Convey the company’s environmental care commitments to customers, visitors and contractors and encourage them to support this important commitment and effort.


Improve and enhance environmental care responsibilities in the company.

reinvention of supply chains – nearshoring

Recent global events have shown the weaknesses of long and complex supply chains – not to mention their negative environmental impact. Liquid energy carriers are simply too vital for local economies.

Circular Energy applies a decentralized production approach whereas locally-sourced bio-waste materials are deployed to produce clean energy carriers for regional consumers. We work towards short, reliable and green supply chains and to restore regional energy sovereignty.

one idea – two locations

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One concept – two locations. Circular Energy stands for local customer service. Instead of serving global customers from one location, we aim to be your local partner. We deliver shorter, cheaper, more reliable and greener supply chains.


As climate change looms over our future, Circular Energy is turning to biology for solutions to make aspects of our lives more sustainable for the environment. Our team of experts is rising to the challenge.

When developing more sustainable materials and processes, biotechnology draws from millions of years of evolution in which living beings have specialized in producing and recycling all kinds of compounds and materials. Biological processes can be used to replace polluting chemical methods, allowing us to efficiently break down waste and produce new materials with lower pollution, water, land, and energy use.

investment into the future of the planet

Focus on green assets and smart chemistry combined with biochemical pathways represent an extraordinary investment opportunity.

A truly extraordinary investment opportunity awaits you! Thanks to the highest environmental and productivity standards applied in leading economies like Switzerland and Singapore you can count on a meaningful and sustainable industrial solution.

We strive for a truly circular economy. Circular Energy learns from nature and delivers solutions which work.


Circular Energy is taking action against global warming. Our scientists believe in effective and lasting innovation. The minds of an interdisciplinary team delivered solutions which will disrupt and serve as a game changer in the field of natural waste stream utilisation. Our technology is effective in addressing environmental challenges and delivering commercially viable options in line with modern and futuristic trends.


Innovation and the use of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics and mobility are changing processes and business models across all industry verticals and the chemicals and bio-tech industries are no exceptions. Circular Energy applies innovation in the bio-technology complexes from the early stage of raw material sourcing to to the final stage of end-product distribution.


Significant time and resources went into the development of biotechnology inventions. Circular Energy is taking the next step in the commercialisation of smart solutions. Starting with the collection of waste products from the food industry to the impact of a major CO2 footprint reduction, the team is dedicated to apply smart solutions to its innovative business.

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