inspired by evolution

Manufacturing in harmony with nature

Carbon neutral manufacturing technologies are key to Circular Industries’ manufacturing hubs.

Switzerland and Singapore have ambitious goals to become carbon-neutral. At Circular Industries we have taken the bold step to promote carbon neutral production in the early stage of commencing operation.

While for many other industrial sectors one of the primary concerns is their energy efficiency, Circular Industries addresses the important questions of raw materials.

At Circular Industries we work towards a better future.

Clean Tech

Our commitment towards green chemistry starts with our feedstock and the plant design and ranges all the way through to the final product. At Circular Industries we have developed and implemented technologies and processes that minimize emissions and the required inputs while maximizing output.


At Circular Industries we rely on bio-waste material as feedstocks and use environmentally friendly and nature driven biochemical processes to generate high-margin products.

cGMP Standards

Quality, consistency and safety are Circular Industries’ top priorities and we are hence always adhering to the current Good Manufacturing Process standards (cGMP).

Focus on Quality

Circular Industries’ customers expect superior quality of our premium products. It is our goal to exceed these expectations.

new frontiers in circular manufacturing

The circular economy might not be a new concept, but in many ways, it is still in its infancy. Today, we are still generating millions of tons of waste per year that is not being reused or turned into something useful. The reason for this is mainly a lack of efficient and smart waste collection systems as well as missing technologies that offer commercially viable recycling solutions.

At Circular Industries we have worked hard to supply both. With our decentralised biofacturing hubs we are able to upcycle waste materials into high margin products. And with our cloud-enabled, AI and IoT driven waste collection system we are increasing the recycling rate and reduce the associated costs to ensure a practical and scalable solution.

fully integrated biofacturing hub

Circular Industries’ decentralised biofacturing hubs are designed to create synergistic local islands of biofacturing. Its highly integrated infrastructure and operational units are in harmony with nature and deploy most advanced energy material recovery systems. Its proximity to local markets connects both customers and suppliers resulting in a minimum carbon foot print for logistics. These integrated facilities deliver benefits that allow companies to save costs.

from fermentation to complex isolation and purification systems

Circular Industries has developed a fully automated and continuous production process that ensures an efficient, consistent as well as safe manufacturing cycle.

The manufacturing cycle starts with the fermentation of waste material into intermediary substances. From there the substances automatically enter an isolation and purification step, followed directly by the final formulation and packaging step. The whole cycle is continuously overseen by adequate sensors, systems and our experts to ensure consistency, quality and safety of the end product.


Circular Industries is taking action against global warming. Our scientists believe in effective and lasting innovation. The minds of an interdisciplinary team delivered solutions which will disrupt and serve as a game changer in the field of natural waste stream utilisation. Our technology is effective in addressing environmental challenges and delivering commercially viable options in line with modern and futuristic trends.


Innovation and the use of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics and mobility are changing processes and business models across all industry verticals and the chemicals and bio-tech industries are no exceptions. Circular Industries applies innovation in the bio-technology complexes from the early stage of raw material sourcing to to the final stage of end-product distribution.


Significant time and resources went into the development of biotechnology inventions. Circular Industries is taking the next step in the commercialisation of smart solutions. Starting with the collection of waste products from the food industry to the impact of a major CO2 footprint reduction, the team is dedicated to apply smart solutions to its innovative business.

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