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Circular Industries

At Circular Industries investors benefit from the high growth potential of a novel biotechnological process that turns a common waste material into premium bio-substances. We provide attractive returns in a sustainable and future-oriented manner. In order to finance the construction of our first production plants in Singapore and Switzerland we are currently raising money with private investors as well as through a crowdfunding platform.

Discover a novel business inspired by nature with an untapped market potential. Circular Industries is in the economic trend.

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Unique Selling Points

Currently there isn’t a single Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) compliant Bio Isopropanol and Bio Acetone producer. GMP compliance will allow Circular Industries to service the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector with the necessary credentials. In addition, Circular Industries is the first to offer significant and reliable quantities of bio-derived and CO2 neutral Isopropanol and Acetone.

Competitive Advantages

Our biotechnological process achieves high yields and uses an abundantly available and cheap feedstock. Our decentralised production approach allows customer-driven customization and a focus on local niches. In addition, our customers benefit from shorter and more reliable – and hence cheaper – supply chains.

Production Flexibility

Our plant produces premium grade Isopropanol and Acetone as well as Green Hydrogen from a single waste source in a synergetic and efficient manner. Given our production capacity of 20,000 MTPY / plant we are able to focus on niche segments and swiftly adjust our production output based on current demand. Investors hence benefit from a diversified business model with a focus towards margin maximization.

Long-term Growth

Investors may benefit from growth beyond the forecast period due to the potential for additional decentralised production plants in other parts of the world. We envisage 2 – 3 additional plants in North/Central America, 1 in South America, 1 in the Middle East and 1-2 in Asia. Other bio-chemicals are on the company’s roadmap for development and will extend the product platform of our multipurpose plants.

investing in two of the world’s most innovative economies

Circular Industries believes in innovation, entrepreneurship and quality.

Switzerland and Singapore have held top ranks in the global innovation index for years. Combined with a business friendly environment, a strong collaboration between higher education institutions and the private sector as well as being surrounded by strategically important markets Switzerland and Singapore are the ideal starting points for our long and exciting journey.


Circular Industries is taking action against global warming. Our scientists believe in effective and lasting innovation. The minds of an interdisciplinary team delivered solutions which will disrupt and serve as a game changer in the field of natural waste stream utilisation. Our technology is effective in addressing environmental challenges and delivering commercially viable options in line with modern and futuristic trends.


Innovation and the use of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics and mobility are changing processes and business models across all industry verticals and the chemicals and bio-tech industries are no exceptions. Circular Industries applies innovation in the bio-technology complexes from the early stage of raw material sourcing to to the final stage of end-product distribution.


Significant time and resources went into the development of biotechnology inventions. Circular Industries is taking the next step in the commercialisation of smart solutions. Starting with the collection of waste products from the food industry to the impact of a major CO2 footprint reduction, the team is dedicated to apply smart solutions to its innovative business.

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